PONDUS SNICKERI is a company that have existed for 20 years. We have during this time worked with all kind of joinery. Resturant equipment, furniture for home and office, AV-furniture, loudspeaker, stairs, doors and windows for example, and off course boat joinery, from planking on archipelago cruiser to equipment in plastic boats, both sail and motorboats.

Both private and in proficiency we have get the question where to by materials for boat joinery: massive tree, plywood etc. The question is often about buying small quantities and get help with cutting etc. Influenced by this questions we, since ten years, run sale of material for boats in small and big quantities. No one should be embarrassed at buying a stripe of mahogany for 23 SEK. We also sell big quantities, for example 1 cu. m. In bigger quantities we have the posibility to give better prices.

Our assortment consist of products, witch we in our professional activity have found gives the best results, and that we would like to offer to everyone.